Style Masterclass (2nd edition)

Style masterclass is my new baby and I am very sensitive about “her”, lol!
I want everything to be perfect, I want every women attending this event to feel special and better about themselves when it all done.
This was my second edition class.
This time around the theme was Garden Soirée, the ladies were in flat and relaxed.
I even added a panel to this masterclass, we had hair, makeup and some entertainment from ( eartysa, Azande, and Takkies from dancing in heels)

Personally this was a great success, the support I had from friends and family is unbelievable! Even though I had a wardrobe malfunction on Saturday, yes me…(hides) I fogot my shoes at home, my outfit was big, I couldn’t do my make-up, I had no earrings on… Only God knows why I wore the grey wig, SMH!! But well I just wanted everything to be perfect by the time I wanted to do me, most of my guests had arrived, I had to go meet and greet. The proof is all in my pictures lol!
Ooohhhh but I can’t thank God enough for being in my favor! BlessedBeyond

Here’s to 2016!!




  • Jacqueline Mthabela

    Hey Thuli

    The saying rings true that when you love what you do it will resonate on every level.

    I’ve been following you and watching your dream play out right from when you were selling and styling vintage clothing. It truly is amazing. I admire you and draw from the passion you pour into your craft.

    For me what you do is art and I love how you speak volumes with what you adorn on the canvas that is your body.

    Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

  • Phume Ntuli

    Good day

    I would like to commend you for the great work you do Thuli. I have always loved fashion and ever since I started follow my passion has grown immensely.

    I would love to attend your next Master Class, please advise on when it will be as I wouldn’t want to miss it.

    Keep up the great work and keep your hustle going, you are an inspiration to me and to millions of other young women.

    Warm regards
    Phume Ntuli

  • Mpho Maisa

    I would absolutely love to attend these master classes and somehow I seem to always miss them on Instagram. May I please get an alert or some indication when your next one comes. Thanks Style alert!

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