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A lot of women find it hard to dress for specific occasions let alone the jobs they want or are currently working in. Getting dressed for work is not the same as it used to be, women have realised that work clothing does not have to be as mundane. They can look professional and still be very fashion forward in their work style. The problem is learning how to do this without crossing the line. A woman’s wardrobe is a lot of times a reflection of who she is & how she feels. This is the same for her work wardrobe. Coming up with a new and fresh outfit everyday can be hard, I have identified this problem and managed...

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Style Masterclass (2nd edition)

Style masterclass is my new baby and I am very sensitive about “her”, lol!I want everything to be perfect, I want every women attending this event to feel special and better about themselves when it all done.This was my second edition class.This time around the theme was Garden Soirée, the ladies were in flat and relaxed.I even added a panel to this masterclass, we had hair, makeup and some entertainment from ( eartysa, Azande, and Takkies from dancing in heels) Personally this was a great success, the support I had from friends and family is unbelievable! Even though I had a wardrobe malfunction on Saturday, yes me…(hides) I fogot my shoes at home, my outfit was big, I couldn’t do...

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Style Masterclass

Me and a good friend of mine did our own decor for tnis masterclass, and it turned out beautifully! We are such DIY girls! !  

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