Style Masterclass

Me and a good friend of mine did our own decor for tnis masterclass, and it turned out beautifully! We are such DIY girls! !



  • Refilwe

    When is the next masterclass? or can i set up a one-on-one?

  • Tshidi

    Do we need to enrol for the class if so how I’m very interested

  • nthabi

    hi there the clothes are gorgeous however it seems like all the clothes are sold out , or are all the items available at the store and do you intend reproducing the sold out items ?

  • Pelo

    I also have items that I was interested in but almost everything is sold out , I check the website all the time now hoping to find something I’d like be its SOLD out.

  • Michelle

    When on your website, nearly 95% of the items are sold out out. Do you have intentions of reproducing them? Or is there no available items at the moment? I just find it strange that there is nothing i can purchase at the moment, or i dont have a size, everything on the website is sold out yet they still on the site- relevance?

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