Style Masterclass (2nd edition)

Style masterclass is my new baby and I am very sensitive about “her”, lol!
I want everything to be perfect, I want every women attending this event to feel special and better about themselves when it all done.
This was my second edition class.
This time around the theme was Garden Soirée, the ladies were in flat and relaxed.
I even added a panel to this masterclass, we had hair, makeup and some entertainment from ( eartysa, Azande, and Takkies from dancing in heels)

Personally this was a great success, the support I had from friends and family is unbelievable! Even though I had a wardrobe malfunction on Saturday, yes me…(hides) I fogot my shoes at home, my outfit was big, I couldn’t do my make-up, I had no earrings on… Only God knows why I wore the grey wig, SMH!! But well I just wanted everything to be perfect by the time I wanted to do me, most of my guests had arrived, I had to go meet and greet. The proof is all in my pictures lol!
Ooohhhh but I can’t thank God enough for being in my favor! BlessedBeyond

Here’s to 2016!!




  • Nompumelelo

    You are such an inspiration, you are so talented and thank you for sharing your talent with us. Just a suggestion for masterclass – can you not do a ‘back to basics’ class? just getting the basics right – whatever it is (eg. make up , colour co-ord of clothes , walking in heels etc)
    Also – a few punctuation errors here n there in your blog – maybe get another set of eyes before you publish?
    Love your work!!!

  • Cameron

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  • Precious

    Gosh, I just discovered your site and I must say… I am love the way you put yourself together.. It helps that eveything is so affordable yet stylish…

  • Shelley

    Hi Thuli. I’ve just discovered your site and the best part about your awesome styles is that they’re affordable. I can’t seem to sign up to your mailing list so please do add my details. Looking forward to attending your next event.

  • dennizah

    great work Thuli, Must say you still looked great even without makeup and earings, this is why i need to ask if you have that Red Jumper by any chance, love it,

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