A lot of women find it hard to dress for specific occasions let alone the jobs they want or are currently working in. Getting dressed for work is not the same as it used to be, women have realised that work clothing does not have to be as mundane. They can look professional and still be very fashion forward in their work style. The problem is learning how to do this without crossing the line. A woman’s wardrobe is a lot of times a reflection of who she is & how she feels. This is the same for her work wardrobe. Coming up with a new and fresh outfit everyday can be hard, I have identified this problem and managed to come up with a solution for the ladies.
This year’s MasterClass was about showing women how to take their Street Style wardrobes and turn them into Power Dressing outfits that give them confidence in their professional lives and workplaces.

“I centred this year’s MasterClass behind the uniqueness of a woman, her wardrobe and how she can turn everyday wear into professional class and elegance that will enable her to establish her authority in the workplace”. The MasterClass also taught the women in attendance which key pieces to have in their wardrobes to give them an element of timeless Style, it is a classroom in which she learns how to master what she already has an idea about.

A woman is a blank canvas and when she gets ready to go anywhere her clothes, her make-up and accessories, even her perfume, are like the paint that she uses to tell her story to show the world who she is and what she is about.
The MasterClass had another highlight that made the event memorable for all who were in attendance, were the sponsors. They include Ponds so that the women could have and enjoy glowing skin, Sta Sof Fro and TRESemme hair care products because a woman’s crown, whether natural, weaved or braided is her hair, Bakers Biscuits so guests could nibble on sweet treats while they got their style secrets, Iman Cosmetics because no look is complete without make-up, JC Le Roux who provided guests with their prestige sparkling wine because sparkling wine goes beautifully with sparkling personalities at any event.
I would like to send a special thanks to all the women who attended the MasterClass as well as to our sponsors.
The greatest lesson about this year’s MasterClass can be summed up in one simple quote: “Create your own style. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”
-Anna Wintour



  • Kago

    Hi Thuli
    Please invite me on the next Masterclass.

  • Nokuthula

    Hi d invite on your next style class so interested

  • Palesa

    How does one get invited to the Master Class or any other fashion events that you host? I am 23 weeks pregnant and i find it hard sometimes to dress for work, I want to be both comfortable and stylish, Please help.

  • GOmolemo

    Can I ask to be invited to the next master class or a 1 on 1 with you. I have slot of clothes and I don’t wear them and sometimes don’t know how to match them
    I need help

  • Letitia

    Hi!!! I am interested in your master classes, however I don’t live in Africa. Do you do skype classes for people outside your country?? Thanks in advance, Letitia

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