The Evermoor Chronicles - Inspired looks

Think dazzling, think inspiring, think entertaining and add a little bit of retro... that’s the theme of my blog this week.

You are probably asking why I am blogging about this, but I had one of the most interesting shoots to style this time around ... I had to get in touch with my inner teen, which I found very exciting! I recently worked on a shoot for Disney Channel’s latest show entitled The Evemoor Chronicles which continues the story that began with the four-part mini-series/ movie, Evermoor.

The mysterious narrative inspired what has since become the most adventurous styling project of my year so far. I shopped to create The Evermoor Chronicles-inspired looks and I must say, it was... mystical. Young or old, every woman can easily channel their inner Tara, Valentina or Bella to awaken the demi-goddess in them.

My gorgeous model also made it super easy for me to do my job. She was a natural and had this great smile that lit up the room.

The Evermoor Chronicles sense of style is classy-retro chic, girly and very dreamy. This is the perfect way to describe the outfits worn in the show, especially with the perfect hair and make-up too. When you see everything together, it’s amazing. It all fits perfectly.

I selected 3 looks for this shoot.

• First, the - CLASSY CARDIGAN



The cardigan worked well with a pair of light blue jeans, fun polka dot blouse and of course, some pearls for accessories. To add some versatility to this look I also opted for a beautiful blazer jacket.

The second look centres on the demi-goddess. When you hear this, you immediately picture a princess, which is why the lace pastel peach dress fits the theme perfectly.

Our last look is much more laid back and casual. I tried to play around with Tara’s bomber/baseball inspired jacket. Whoever said sporty looks can’t be classy must think again! Tara emits all things fabulous in this look and so can you.

What sayest thou of these looks?
Very lovely right?

If you would like to win yourself one of these outfits as well as awesome Evermoor-Chronicles-Inspired make-up kits, look-out for The Evermoor Chronicles look competitions coming up on You, Baby and I, as well as Teenzone Magazine.

Remember to watch The Evermoor Chronicles every Monday at 19:05 only Disney Channel (DStv Channel 303).

You can also share your demi-goddess moment with me through the comments section below or join the fun on my Instagram and Facebook pages.

Keep Your Twirl On with #DisneyAfrica and #EvermoorChroniclesSA

© Disney Channel



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