High on Harem

For me it’s not about just making ready to wear clothing, not anymore.
I want to challenge myself, I take risks with my designs, It not just about making a pair of pants to sell, everything needs to have some sort of character. I’ve seen a lot of harem pants in stores, but my design had to be sort of different from the rest, so I added my signature look- High Waisted!!!

These are Stylealert high waist harem pants
Very bohemian, risky and tricky to style, but when styled the right way it can be very stunning.
Harem pants are best in heels! Winner…
these pants show off your best shoes from your strap, pump, or gladiators, literally try everything in your shoe collection and see how the tapered cuffs help to spotlight your shoes.

Available from – Style Alert SA (0812972048)

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