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Competition time - with KIWI

ME and my fam are such huge soccer fans, the girls and boys of the house, we all just enjoy home games and stadium matches! when we read about the KIWI®  competition , we all went insane!! So.. its about that time to win with KIWI®  -  Have you always wanted to see your favorite team play in Spain, England or Mzansi...all you have to do is Enter the KIWI®  tin promotion  THERE ARE 3 GRAND PRICES TO BE WON: 1 X Spanish league Derby package for winner and three friends.1 X English league Derby package for winner and three friends. 50 X South African Derby tickets (12 packages of 4 and 1 package of 2). TO ENTER: * Entrants must buy any KIWI® Quality Shoe Polish tin...

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  To me the KIWI brand has been in my life since I was a little girl. I used the original black shoe polish on my school shoes every day, & everyone I knew used it got to love it!For years I didn’t want to buy suede shoes because I just didn't know how to take care of them. But after I discovered KIWI suede & nubuck renovators and shoe shampoo things really changed. I didn't think twice about just made sense that it’s the perfect trusted brand. My black suedes were cleaner and stronger in colour and my brown just looked newer.   FOR ALL MY LEATHERS. With my Leather it’s even better, it’s great for protecting...

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High on Harem

For me it’s not about just making ready to wear clothing, not anymore.I want to challenge myself, I take risks with my designs, It not just about making a pair of pants to sell, everything needs to have some sort of character. I’ve seen a lot of harem pants in stores, but my design had to be sort of different from the rest, so I added my signature look- High Waisted!!! These are Stylealert high waist harem pantsVery bohemian, risky and tricky to style, but when styled the right way it can be very stunning.Harem pants are best in heels! Winner…these pants show off your best shoes from your strap, pump, or gladiators, literally try everything in your shoe collection...

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Blue Combinations

Is it not funny how a hats can just bring the chill on a  formal look, coz think about it, if I were to add a neat bun and closed heel pump this would be a super formal look ! Now see how my hat just added an edge to the look , I can do this look in and out of office #winner

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